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Why is Autogas the No.1 Alternative Fuel?


Fuel Savings


Regardless of the vehicle you drive, Autogas can cut your fuel bills by approximately 40%. Thanks to the environmental benefits, the government have a fuel duty agreement in place, guaranteeing savings until at least 2024.





Autogas is great for air quality. Compared to diesel, LPG emits significantly less of the most health harming pollutants, 80% less NOx & 98% less particulate matter. Producing 15% less CO2 than petrol, Autogas is also better for the planet





An LPG conversion involves the installation of a secondary fuel system, the vehicle becomes a ‘dual fuel’ car. This effectively doubles your range and means you won’t ever be stuck in the unlikely event of not being able to find an LPG station.



Purchase Cost


The majority of petrol vehicles can be converted to LPG so you don’t have to buy an expensive new car. A conversion typically starts at £1200, if you spend £50 a week on petrol, you’ll recuperate this cost in just 14 months



It’s quick, easy and there are no lengthy recharging times with Autogas. It takes less than 150 seconds to refill 50 litres of LPG. There are approximately 1500 refuelling sites across the UK. You can locate your nearest LPG refuelling site here



With a high quality system such as BRC Gas Equipment, a vehicle will drive exactly the same on LPG as it does on petrol. This enables drivers to own and operate higher performance vehicles and 4×4’s at a much more affordable price.



Engine Wear

With less carbon deposits, LPG reduces engine wear. Some engines require a lubrication system to protect the valve seats, a major advantage of the BRC system is that the lubricant can be added to the LPG.

Ease of Use


An LPG system is fully automatic. The vehicle starts in petrol before switching over to LPG and will switch back to petrol if you run out of LPG. This happens seamlessly whilst you are driving. An LPG fuel gauge is installed on the dashboard..